Best The Body Shop Products For Shop Online

#1 The Body Shop Aloe Calming Facial Cleanser 200 ML For Rs.2,149.00:-The_Body_Shop_Aloe_Calming_FAcial_cleanser__56466.1408523158.500.750.jpg

  • Skin kind lotion proven to cleanse without irritation.
  • Sensitive skin



#2 The Body Shop Aloe Calming Toner 200 ML For Rs.2,049.00:- The_Body_Shop_Aloe_Calming_Toner__33930.1408523025.500.750.jpg

  • Primes skin for moisture
  • Leaves skin feeling soothed
  • Fragrance, colour and alcohol-free
  • No added preservatives


#3 The Body Shop Aloe Gentle Facial Wash 125 ML For Rs.2,499.00:-22617m_z__19613.1411216206.500.750.jpg A soothing, protective wash to ease away the day’s grime and make-up.




#4 The Body Shop Aloe Protective Serum 30 ML For Rs.2,849.00:-The_Body_Shop_Aloe_Protective_Serum__42886.1408522092.500.750.jpg Called “the wand of heaven” by Native Americans, natural aloe vera contains over 75 nutrients and 200 active compounds, including 20 minerals, 18 amino acids and 12 vitamins.Our heavenly Aloe range has been developed especially for people with sensitive skin, so it contains no preservatives, dyes, fragrances, alcohol or soap. Each product has been tested in user trials by women with sensitive skin and was found to minimize the signs and reactions of sensitive skin, such as redness, itchiness and dryness. The dermatologist-approved range uses aloe and other naturally effective ingredients to soothe skin distress and discomfort, leaving it feeling calm and supple. Through continued regime use, you can help to protect your sensitive skin by building and strengthening its natural defense system. Daily pre moisture prebiotics to reinforce skin’s natural. The Body Shop Aloe Protective Serum is a fast-drying, lightweight pre-moisturiser treatment, which sinks into the skin to form a blanket of soothing protection, reinforcing the skin’s natural defence system and helping to protect against irritants.

#5 The Body Shop Aloe Soothing Day Cream 50 ML For Rs.2,849.00:-The_Body_Shop_Aloe_Soothing_Day_Cream__04894.1408527002.500.750.jpg Ultra-gentle, smoothing, calming moisturisation.

  • Sensitive skin


#6 The Body Shop Aloe Soothing Moisture Lotion SPF 15 (50 ML) For Rs.2,849.00:-Aloe_Soothing_Moisture_Lotion__17768.1411034937.500.750.jpg

  • Sensitive Skin
  • Daily protection from UVA/UVB, to soothe the signs of sensitive skin




#7 The Body Shop Aloe Soothing Night Cream 50 ML For Rs.2,899.00:-The_Body_Shop_Aloe_Soothing_Night_Cream__44861.1408527438.500.750.jpg

  • Sensitive skin
  • Fragrance & color
  • Alcohol-free.
  • No added preservatives.


#8 The Body Shop Blue Corn 3-in-1 Deep Purifying Scrub Mask 100 Grams For Rs.2,799.00:-Blue_Corn_3_in_1_Scrub_Mask__05870.1499239840.500.750.jpg

  • Normal/oily skin
  • Gently cleanses the skin
  • Removes dead skin cells, excess oil and impurities
  • Moisturises, leaving skin feeling soft
  • Weekly treatment
  • online shopping pakistan

#9 The Body Shop Camomile Sumptuous Cleansing Butter 90 ML For Rs.3,049.00:-97951m_l__31292.1410609629.500.750.jpg

  • Gently melts away make-up
  • Leaves skin feeling clean and petal-soft
  • Removes all types of make-up
  • All skin types
  • With community fair trade camomile
  • online shopping

#10 The Body Shop Coconut Body Scrub 194 Grams For Rs.2,450.00:-The_Body_Shop_Coconut_Body_Scrub__16983.1411390925.500.750.jpg

  • Removes dead skin cells
  • Stimulates skin microcirculation
  • Leaves skin feeling soft and smooth
  • Tropical coconut scent
  • With community trade organic virgin coconut oil
  • Normal /dry skin
  • online shopping in pakistan

The Body Shop Product Prices In Pakistan

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