Top Skincare Products For Online Shopping

#1 Skin Care Caso Olive Oil Soap 80 Grams For Rs.100.00:-Skin_Care_Caso_Olive_Oil_Soap__67098.1404094744.500.750.jpgCaso Olive oil soap is a unique moisturizing soap made from world’s finest olive oil which has been known for centuries for moisturizing, rejuvenating and keeping skin healthy. Caso Olive oil soap provides your skin with the best moisturizer it needs and leaves your skin silky, soft and glowing.

  • Provides natural, healthy shine to dry & thirsty skin

#2 Skin White Almond with Goat Milk Lotion For Rs.135.00:-banner1_lotions2__99814.1404111872.500.750.jpg Almond and Goat Milk Lotion contains pure goat milk and sweet almond oil. This unique combination provides un-matched nourishment to the skin. It prevents dryness and itching by moisturizing better and deeper.



#3 Skin White Aloe Vera with Goat Milk Lotion For Rs.135.00:-banner1_lotions4__27191.1404111298.500.750 Aloe Vera and Goat Milk Lotion is the combination of the finest Aloe Vera extract that soothes skin and provides cell protection while pure Goat Milk gives your skin instant non-greasy moisturizing effect.



#4 Skin White Cold Cream with Honey For Rs.150.00:-Skin_White_Cold_Cream__96793.1404112183.500.750 Skin White Cold Cream is a combination of fine natural ingredients which protect, moisturize and beautify the skin during harsh winter conditions.Unlike most greasy creams which make the skin look darker, Skin White Cold Cream is non greasy. Its high performance ingredients deeply penetrate into the skin to restore the natural protective skin barrier without making the skin look dark but instead give a glowing complexion.

#5 Skin White Goat Milk Whitening Cream For Rs.150.00:-20140605_210452_18508__31814.1402475718.500.750.jpg

  • 10% Extra
  • See Dubai win gold coins
  • With Goat Milk+Whitening beads
  • fairer you in 2 weeks


#6 Skin White Goat Milk Whitening Soap (Dry Skin) 110 Grams For Rs.100.00:- 242xc__76286.1404093943.500.750.jpg

  • 100% pure goat milk
  • Dry skin formula
  • Fairer, beautiful skin from head to toe
  • See yourself fairer in just 15 days
  • shopping

#7 Skin White Honey with Goat Milk Lotion For Rs.135.00:-banner1_lotions__22596.1404111725.500.750.jpg Goat Milk and Honey Lotion is made with pure goat milk, bee hive honey and natural herbs. This classic combination provides instant non-greasy moisturizing effect to dry and thirsty skin.



#8 Skin White Milk & Haldi Cream For Rs.150.00:-Skin_White_Haldi_Milk_Cream__32404.1404111631.500.750.jpg Skin White Milk and Haldi cream contain pure goat milk and turmeric. This perfect combination of two natural ingredients makes the skin healthy, soft, smooth and fairer. Its sunscreen formula prevents your skin from harmful rays of the sun.

  • Looking good and feeling confident
  • online stores in pakistan

#9 Skin White Vanishing Day Cream with SPF 15 For Rs.150.00:-skin_white_wanishing_day_cream__27952.1404107663.500.750 (1).jpg Skin White Vanishing Day Cream contains specialty ingredients for protection and beautifying the skin in summer months. Tea Tree extract is proven to provide multiple benefits to the skin to make it fresh, soft, fair & healthy. The fairness vitamins lighten the skin tone while sunscreen agents protect from harmful UVA & UVB rays. The oil free formula is so light that it quickly absorbs into the skin to give unmatched results.

#10 Skincare Acne Care Oil Control Face Wash 65 Grams For Rs.150.00:- ACNE_CARE_OIL_CONTROL_FACE_WASH_WITH_NEEM_EXTRACT_SOAP_FREE_1__99670.1392728374.500.750.jpg

  • Soap free fooming face wash
  • With neem ectracts
  • shopping online



Skincare Product Prices In Pakistan

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