Best May Care Products For Shop Online

#1 May Care Apricot Scrub 200 Grams For Rs.250.00:-May_Care_Apricot_Scrub_200_Grams_1__06416.1493898309.500.750

  • All skin types oil free 100% natural exfoliates
  • Gently exfoliates & smooth
  • All natural
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#2 May Care Facial Skin Polish 200 Grams For Rs.250.00:-May_Care_Facial_Skin_Polish_200_Grams_1__90823.1493897993.500.750.jpg

  • Remove dead skin layers, uncovers and eliminates dark & brown spots
  • All skin types refresh & vilorant skin compexion
  • All natural
  • online shopping in pakistan payment on delivery



#3 May Care Facial Whitening Cleanser 200 Grams For Rs.250.00:-May_Care_Facial_Whitening_Cleanser_200_Grams_1__21018.1493897744.500.750.jpg

  • All skin types with multi vitamins pear extracts
  • Gently removes make-up & cleanses skin
  • Make-up remover & facial cleanser
  • All natural


#4 May Care Facial Whitening Massage Cream 200 Grams For Rs.250.00:-May_Care_Facial_Whitening_Massage_Cream_200_Grams_1__85405.1493898094.500.750.jpg

  • All skin types circulation & lightens complexion
  • Penetrate deep to lighten & brighten skin
  • All natural
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#5 May Care Facial Whitening Mud Mask 200 Grams For Rs.250.00:-May_Care_Facial_Whitening_Mud_Mask_200_Grams_1__34574.1493898219.500.750.jpg

  • All skin types oil free non-irritating with vitamins C & E & botanical extract
  • Helps eliminate dark spots
  • Lighter skin pigmentation & brighter complexion
  • All natural


#6 May Care Facial Whitening Scrub 200 Grams For Rs.250.00:-May_Care_Facial_Whitening_Scrub_200_Grams_1__61007.1493898455.500.750.jpg

  • All skin types oil free non-irritating all natural exfoliates
  • Gently exfoliates to reveal smooth
  • Radiant skin
  • All natural


#7 May Care Peel Of Mask 200 Grams For Rs.250.00:-May_Care_Peel_Of_Mask_200_Grams_2__52389.1493897603.500.750.jpg

  • Soft and silky
  • All natural



#8 May Care Whitening Face Wash 200 Grams For Rs.250.00:-May_Care_Whitening_Face_Wash_200_Grams_1__12795.1493897890.500.750.jpg

  • Transforms your complexion to a fair pinkish white glow
  • All skin types with mulberry extracts
  • All natura



May Care Product Prices In Pakistan

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