Top Essence Products For Shopping

#1 Essence Ginseng Natural Silk Mask 25g Each (5 Mask Pack) For Rs.625.00:-20161110_191828__88407.1478867678.500.750.jpg 

  • Contains the natural gensing extract
  • Deeply Moistruize skin
  • Promote refresh skin
  • Active cells regeneration
  • Repair the skin defect
  • Deep moisture
  • Smooth, dry fine lines
  • Make the skin plump relieving younger

#2 Essence Green Tea Natural Silk Mask 25g Each (5 Mask Pack) For Rs.625.00:-20161110_191045__29870.1478866987.500.750.jpg

  • Adsorption reduntant grease,
  • Clean and balance skin
  • Deeply replenish skin’s natural moisture,
  • Regain the water oil blance skin
  • Make skin refreshing and smooth


#3 Essence Job’s Tears Natural Silk Mask 25g Each (5 Mask Pack) For Rs.625.00:-20161110_191251__24005.1478866784.500.750.jpg

  • Contains the natural job’s tears extract
  • Accurate sniper precipitation pigments
  • Help To repair skin defect
  • Adjust carry bright color of skin
  • Continute to supply the moisture to skin
  • Firmly lock in moisture
  • Reactivation of tired skin vitality energy
  • Provide Skin more lubrication
  • Natural White
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#4 Essence Lingzhi Natural Silk Mask 25g Each (5 Mask Pack) For Rs.625.00:-20161110_191634__74677.1478867405.500.750.jpg

  • Contain the natural lingzhi extract
  • Promote refresh skin
  • Repair skin defect
  • Help skin proliferation of collagen and elatic fiber
  • Smooth dry lines and fine lines
  • Effectivly supllement skin moisture
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#5 Essence Lontus Natural Silk Mask 25g Each (5 Mask Pack) For Rs.625.00:-20161110_192037__32889.1478868226.500.750.jpg

  • Contains the natural lotus extract
  • Filled with moisture skin, instantly relieve dry, tight skin
  • Maintain moisture balance of the skin
  • Provide nutrition for skin, improve skin resistance
  • Effective against skin pressure and tension
  • Keep skin smooth & elastic
  • Make skin more soft and comfortable
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#6 Essence My Skin 4 in 1 Cleansing Cream 150 ML For Rs.352.00:-ESSENCE_4_IN_1_CLEANSING_CREAM_ALL_SKIN_TYPES_1__63195.1385113557.500.750.jpg

  • Skin compatibility dermatologically proven
  • Skin care that you can see, feel & smell!
  • 4 in 1 waschcreme
  • Deeply cleansing
  • Pore refining moisturizing


#7 Essence My Skin Soft Cleansing Lime and Cucumber Gel 150 ML For Rs.341.00:-My_Skin_Soft_Cleansing_Lime_and_Cucumber_Gel_150_ML_2__77279.1385037813.500.750Essence is one of the top cosmetics brand of Germany manufactured by Cosnova Frankfurt. Essence not only renowned in Europe but in its making its mark in Asia especially in South Asia as well. Essence include complete range of skin and beauty care products. From body washes to cleansers and from soaps to shampoo, essence has it all.This especially gentle-yet pore deep cleansing gel reliably removes make-up, dirt, and impurities without drying out the skin, the precious active ingredients lime and cucumber clarify refresh and energize for deliciously soft, refreshed skin, and an amazing fresh-fruity smell that makes the daily skincare routine fun.Apply morning and evening on wet face and gently massage in with light circular movements. Avoid contact with eye and mouth area.After the cleansing routine, use the refreshing toner and cream from Essence My Skin. Soft cleansing gel sanftes reinigungsgel deeply cleansing moisturzing removes make up.

#8 Essence Pearl Natural Silk Mask 25g Each (5 Mask Pack) For Rs.625.00:- 20161110_191436__63223.1478867216.500.750.jpg

  • Contains the natural pearl powder
  • Restrain melanin formation, accelerater cell renewal
  • Help whiten skin, fade uneven tone
  • Strengthen the skin moisture
  • Promote skin refresh, skin ruddy luster


#9 Essence Pureskin Anti-Spot Moisturizer 75 ML For Rs.499.00:-ESSENCE_ANTI_PICKET_FEUCHTIGKEITS_CREAM_PURE_SKIN_1__05062.1385125132.500.750.jpg

  • Essence pure skin with clearderm complex for beautiful, pure skin
  • Clearderm-komplex antibacterial
  • Proven effective by dermatologists
  • Care


#10 Essence Pureskin Anti-Spot Wash Gel 150 ML For Rs.583.00:-ESSENCE_ANTI_SPOT_WASH_GEL_PURE_SKIN_1__83310.1385120175.500.750.jpg

  • Essence pure skin mit clearderm
  • Clearderm complex antibacterial
  • Proven effective by dermatologists
  • Clean


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