Best Marhaba Products Cash On Delivery

#1 Marhaba Roghan Kalonji Oil (Black Seed Oil) For Rs.75.00:-Its a pure and fresh

IMG_6197__31643.1475746334.500.750black seed oil. Kalonji oil extracts from purest available Kalonji (Nigella, sativa). From oil extraction to packing, every step is carefully monitored and high quality is maintained till the end. As Marhaba Kalonji oil is as pure as nature it enjoys high popularity all over the Country.



#2 Marhaba Pengro Power Oil (5 ml ) For Rs.99.00:-20170216_155029__67214.1487676485.500.750

  • Cures its weakness
  • More Stamina
  • Boost energy


#3 Marhaba Almond Oil (Roghan Badam) For Rs.40.00:-IMG_6199__09542.1475746624.500.750

  • Effective as ear and nose drops.
  • Good for the heart and healthy bones.
  • Keeps the body warm in winter.
  • Eradicates dandruff.


#4 Marhaba Castor Oil (Arind Oil) For Rs.30.00:-IMG_7903__95327.1481700984.500.750

  • Relievespain and irritation
  • Expels invaded insects in the ear
  • Provides extra shine and lustre to the hair


#5 Marhaba Acne Clean Anti-acne Herbal Cream 20 Grams For Rs.45.00:-20170221_160633__32701.1487753624.500.750

  • Specially formulated herbal cream
  • Effective against most skin diseases
  • Remove the excess that clogs pores

#6 Marhaba Flaxseed oil (Linseed Oil) For Rs.190.00:-Marhaba_Flaxseed_oil_Linseed_Oil_240_ML__04423.1470124583.500.750

  • Heart Disease
  • Atherosclerosis
  • Arrhythmia
  • Arthritis
  • Viral Infection
  • Cancer

#7 Marhaba Laboob Kabir (100 Grams) For Rs.285.00:-


  • Increases fertility in man
  • Increases sperm count
  • Relieves impotence
  • Promote sexual ability



#8 Marhaba Viratone 30 Capsules (Natural Energizer & Revitalizer) For Rs.190.00:-Marhaba_Viratone_30_Capsules_Natural_Energizer_Revitalizer_1__13690.1488876625.500.750

  • For sexual drive, stamina and
  • General Neurasthenia



#9 Marhaba Olive Oil (Roghan Zaitoon) For Rs.33.00:-Marhaba_Olive_Oil_Roghan_Zaitoon_25_ML__09189.1470123957.500.750

  • Effective for the treatment of duodenal ulcer
  • Nutritious, demulcent and mildly laxative
  • Excellent for soothing inflammation


#10 Marhaba Shaffaf Syrup For Rs.45.00:-Marhaba_Shaffaf_Syrup_1__89729.1488968678.500.750

  • Purifying the blood
  • Removing toxic matter
  • Relieves constipations



#11 Marhaba Arq Mako (Resolves Liver Stomach Inflammations) For Rs.50.00:-Marhaba_Arq_Mako_Alternative_Diuretic_And_Resolvent_of_Inflammations__04510.1470205033.500.750

  • Resolves Inflammations of liver, stomach, intestine, spleen and uterus.
  • Effective as diuretic and febrifuge.
  • Useful in dropsy and liver ailments.



#12 Marhaba Arq-e-Kasni (Chicory Water) For Rs.50.00:-Marhaba_Arq-e-Kasni__52793.1470204226.500.750

  • Reduces inflammations of liver, stomach and spleen.
  • Useful in jaundice, dropsy and other related diseases of liver and stomach.
  • Reduces bilious heat and quenches thirst.
  • Acts as blood purifier and diuretic


#13 Marhaba Jawarish Mastagi Sada(100 Grams) For Rs.90.00:-1__33851.1470201655.500.750

  • Digestive system
  • Intestinal eakness
  • Eliminates enuresis
  • Relieves diarrhoea
  • Liver tonic


#14 Marhaba Khameera Gaozaban Sada (100 Grams) For Rs.75.00:-1__00114.1470206835.500.750

  • Relieves both bronchial rash and cold
  • Potent cardiac
  • Good taste and efficacy
  • Nervine tonic
  • Eye muscles


#15 Marhaba Majun Arad Khurma (100 Grams) For Rs.70.00:-1__02856.1470210783.500.750

  • Premature ejaculation
  • Cures spermatorrhoea.
  • Thickens semen
  • Aphrodisiac


Marhaba Product Prices In Pakistan

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