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10 Best Hair Straightening In Pakistan

#1 Schwarzkopf Glatt Professional Hair Straightener Cream With Fixing Balm:- GlattIMG_2472_15511__26157.1423581129.500.750 Hair Straightener with keratin-care-complex combines straightening performance with care. A specially designed keratin-protein is taken to those parts of the cuticle where natural reserves of keratin have been depleted, providing your hair with additional care duringthestraightening process.

#2 Wella Hair Straightener Cream Strong:- Wellastrate is a powerful and reliableWella_Hair_Straightener_Rebonding_Cream__55994.1465295327.500.750 straightener which, thanks to its new cationic formula base, also ensures ideal structural balance at the same time. Its special Hydro Safe Complex demonstrably increases the hair’s own capacity to retain moisture, whilst the reserves of moisture formed in this way prevent the hair structure from drying out.

#3 Lolane Rebonding Straightening Hair Cream Kit:- The specially design forLolanerebondingbest_zps5f603287__07078.1464363156.500.750 rebonding process to straighten hair effectively while prolong super straight longer. It contains keratin protein to compensate protein loss and maintain healthy hair. Together with Protecting Treatment to nourish and protect hair from heat and makes your hair smooth and easy to comb. Plus Rebonding Repairing Treatment and Leave-In Serum to provide shine and revitalize your hair and leaves it smooth and silky straight.

#4 Keune Sleek Shine Rebonding Kit:-20160516_160732__46710.1463661654.500.750 

  • Sleek & Shine Rebonding
  • Rebonding Conditioner
  • Hair Beauty



#5 Lakme K Straigh Ionic Hair Straightening Kit:- The straightening creme contains 20161105_160125__76100.1478521588.500.750ceramides that restructure damaged hair fibre.Employs thio-technology to ensure that the recommended exposure time is never exceeded.Contains Keravis Active Care Complex that penetrates the hair cuticle and strengthens it from the inside. Triples the hair’s strength.Specially formulated for permanent straightening processes using heat. Thermal spray with cationic agents that protect the hair from the heat of the ceramic irons while facilitating straightening due to their cationic charges.

  • Straightening creme
  • restructure damaged hair fibre
  • penetrates the hair cuticle and strengthens it from the inside
  • protect the hair from the heat of the ceramic irons

#6 Cruset Rebonding Hair Cream:- Straight curly or frizzy hair and hard to manage.Cruset_Rebonding_Hair_Cream_250_ML__01827.1465214045.500.750.jpg Add another Treatment with Cruset Aqua Soft which enrich nourishing efficiency with double active proteins complex, protects hair from the heat,provides shiny,volumized and healthy.


#7 New Life Curls Bounce And Shine Creme:- Confines curls. Controls frizz. Weightless.8358044933phpOX2XCw__04311.1456302476.500.750 Adds life to curly, wavy or texturized hair. This special formula defines curls and prevents frizz and tangles that may cause damage to hair. It supplies hair with proper moisture and adds shine and bounce for a healthy looking style.



#8 Dikson Hair Straightening Cream:- Straightening Cream hair for drawing cold. Thedickson_hair_straightening_cream__46186.1454069727.500.750 particular formalación ensures an extraordinary smooth effect and hair protection resulting nourished and hydrated. Professional use.




#9 Framesi I-Dentity Hair Force Instant Straightener:- Framesi Hair.Force is an instant1__69588.1438240488.500.750 straightening liquid that transforms unruly hair. Humidity resistant, lets your color shine through. Framesi Hair.Force provides hair with a glossy, revitalized, and totally frizz free look. It dramatically assists with straightening with or without a flat iron. Humidity resistant so fiercely straight styles last all day and into the night.

  • Color Safe.
  • 100% Vegan
  • Sulfate Free
  • Paraben Free

    Gluten Free
    DEA Free
    Sodium Chloride Free
    Powerful Anti Aging Properties
    Thermal & UV Protectants

#10 Schwarzkopf Smooth N Shine Heat Straighten Polish Extra Strength:-1__59059.1479377930.500.750 

Schwarzkopf Smooth ‘N Shine Heat Straighten Polish Extra Strength




Hair Straightening Prices in Pakistan

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