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Best Hair Styling Wax In Pakistan

#1 Nitro Canada Hair Wax:- Enhance lustrous shine and flexible hold. Emphasize shape20140331_163622__70025.1397292068.500.750 and curl of your hair. Ideal for sleekly look and good scent. Easy to apply and wash off.




#2 Keune Design Jelly Wax:- Keune Jelly Wax – Multi-purpose Gel-Wax for short toKeune_Design_Jelly_Wax__63868.1399714219.500.750 mid-lenght hair. Gives a gel texture on damp hair and a wax definition on dry hair. The restylable formula changes your look rapidly. The Jelly Wax spreads easily, is easy to wash out and does not weigh down the hair.




#3 Schwarzkopf Taft Ultra Wax:- Schwarzkopf Taft Ultra Wax has non-sticky formulaTaft_Ultra_Wax__57664.1413204376.500.750 which is added with piecey separation and texture for the impressive waves and spikes. It provides the ultimate styling power and ensures the hair stays put all the day and style with just the way you want.

  • Provides 30% stronger fixation
  • Holds the 100% thick hair
  • Protects hair from drying out
  • Easy to distribute and washable

#4 Palmers Soft Formula Shaping Wax With Vitmain E And Jojoba Oil:- Palmer’s Soft20170106_145837__23428.1483794565.500.750 Formula Shaping Wax, a clean styling and shaping wax formulated with Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E, helps shape, sculpt, and define hair.



#5 Gatsby Hair Wax Power Shine:- Gatsby Hair Wax Tough & Shine gives your hair aGatsby-Hair-Styling-Wax-Power-1089300-1-5b450__98998.1489142385.500.750 new style and look.

  • Gives shiny look to your hair
  • Make any style possible
  • Gives a citus frangrance to your hair


#6 Schwarzkopf Osis Flexwax Ultra Strong Cream Wax:- Schwarzkopf OsisSchwarzkopf-Professional-OSiS-Flexwax-50ml-zoom1__52235.1491218108.500.750 + FlexWax has a strong texture and separation. A delicious malleable hair wax with a creamy consistency, which does not aggravating. A natural gloss finish. Easy to wash off.

  • Osis Flex-wax
  • Ultra strong cream wax
  • Ultra fort

#7 Gatsby Hair Wax Hard Free:- Gatsby Hair Wax Tough & Shine gives your hair a new51Z6p115n8L._SY450___97926.1489141854.500.750 style and look.

  • Gives shiny look to your hair
  • Make any style possible
  • Gives a citus frangrance to your hair

#8 Beauty Formulas Honey Treatment Wax:- The natural goodness of Honey extract 1__19563.1478086005.500.750combined with Bee Pollen extracted from natural pollens rich in proteins, minerals and vitamins combine to provide nourishment and vitality to restore the condition of your hair. This Honey with Bee Pollen Treatment Wax is more than just a conditioner it provides nourishment for the hair. Honey and Bee Pollen Treatment Wax used regularly will make it stronger, healthier and more lustrous. Will not colour hair.

  • Intensive Deep Conditioning Treatment Wax
  •  Restores vitality & nourishes out of condition hair
  • Will not colour hair
  • 150ml Tube

#9 Framesi I.dentity Show Wax:- Framesi I.dentity Show Wax Strong rubber for carving1__85404.1438325603.500.750 styles. Not oils and allows for several times the improvement in hair without losing rigidity.

  • Styling Lasting
  • Natural Look
  • Not Shiny
  • Non Greasy

    Non Staining 
    No Overhead
    No Residue

#10 Framesi I.Dentity Flash Wax:- A cloud of light for softly wavy hair flash wax1__46634.1438320475.500.750 transparent stringy wax Stringy wax for that brightening effect.




Hair Styling Wex and Gel In Pakistan

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