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5 Best Selling Shaver for women in Pakistan

#1 Concord Bikini Shaver:- Bikini shaver/razor for women with easy grip handle designunnamed__93602-1483690273-500-750 for confidence and control. Smoothing aloe vera moisturising pad for lubrication where you need it the most. Comb design with protective skin guard to minimize irritation. One of the best shaving razor for women. Mini-blade only 5/8″wide for delicate bikini area trimming or shaving. Easy to use shaving razor.

  • Easy grip
  • Smoothing Aloe Vera Moisturizing Pak
  • Comb design with protective skin guard
  • Minimize Irritation

#2 Wilkinson Sword Extra Beauty:- 2 blade disposable razor with extra grip, lubricatingidshot_540x540__63818-1483658701-500-750 strip and a push button to clean blades.

  • 2 Blades & lubricating strip with aloe and Vitamin E
  • Unique Push Clean Bar
  • Non-Slip Handle



#3 Super Max Long Handle Disposable Razors For Women:- Super-Max 516w5lnl-rl-_sx385___46184-1483658494-500-750Nature Strip Disposable Razors for Women 5 Razors are designed with two blades and a special long handle to give you the closest, most comfortable shave. The Nature Strip is infused with vitamin E and aloe to help care for skin and prevent irritation while shaving.

  • Nature Strip has Vitamin-E, Aloe Vera and natural oils which acts as a lubricant to reduce irritation
  • Elastomer guard bar to avoid nicks and cuts
  • Longer handle for better control
  • Twin ionized blade for a smoother shave

#4 Trinity Ladies Razors:- These triple blade razors from Bord Razor have three bladesunnamed_2__30355-1483599589-500-750 specially positioned to give you a closer shave in one single stroke. The rubber grip ergonomic handle gives you greater comfort and control even when wet.The glider strip will help to reduce irritation and the pivoting head will give greater control. These Bord Razor Triple Blade Razors are great for use at home or whilst travelling. The pink colour gives them a fresh feminine look.

#5 Veet Sharp Edged Women Razor:- unnamed_3__21368-1483596572-500-750

  • Sharp Edged
  • For Smooth & Clean Skin
  • Easy to Grip


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