Hair Removal

10 Best Selling Hair Removal Strips in Pakistan

#1 Veet Wax Strips With Easygrip For Normal Skin:- With Veet Wax Strips, you can have1__66384-1454656098-500-750 instantly exfoliated skin and smoothness that lasts up to four weeks. They’re specially formulated with shea butter, known for its moisturising properties and fragranced with berry to suit normal skin. And they’re easy to use – the special easy grip tab helps you develop expert technique to remove hair from the roots in one easy move. Veet wax strips work even on short hair – and with regular use, you’ll get fewer, finer and softer hairs growing back.

  • Shea butter and for normal skin
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Works on Short hairs
  • Arms, legs & body

#2 Super Fine Cotton Waxing Strips:-super_fine_cotton_waxing_strips__54704-1404372675-500-750 

  • Multiple Use cotton strips
  • 100% cotton
  • Hygienic
  • Convienient
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for every skin

Imported Large

#3 Nair Hair Remover Body Wax Strips With Camomile Extract:- These innovativeimg_6034__01021-1473424082-500-750 fruity-fragranced wax strips have a special non-woven soft cloth backing and natural resin wax to adhere firmly & instantly to even the shortest hairs, but not the skin. The strip is then immediately pulled away removing all the hairs.




#4 Super Fine Wax Strips:- 20140324_171618__41799.1396864856.500.750.jpg

  • For fine & smooth skin
  • Fine quality


#5 Super Cot Wax Strips Face Bikni Senstive Areas:-20160516_161156__36839-1463804942-500-750

  • For Glowing, Beautifully Soft, Smooth Skin
  • Works On Short Hairs
  • Results Last up 8 Week.
  • Quick & Easy
  • Works on short hair
  • All Natural formula for safe waxing
  • Works well even on short hair & Leaves skin smooth

#6 Lubi Aloe Vera Extract Wax Strips:- Designed for use for legs, arms,underarms &20161223_203645__54259-1485329116-500-750 bikini line, but not suitable for use on the face,head,breast,perianalor genital area or any other body parts.Don’t Use on varicose veins,moles,scars,or broken,irritated or sunburnt skin,or on skin that has reacted badly to the past.

  • Use for legs
  • Not suitable for use on the face
  • Don’t Use on sunburnt skin,


#7 Byly Depil Mint and Green Tea Body Strips:-Wax strips for body hair removal “mintimg_7488__81323-1479211297-500-750 and green tea” Byly Depil Mint And Green Tea Strips Body able to remove even the shortest hairs. The strips are designed so that they are very easy to repeat the shape and curves of the body, guaranteeing 100% success. Before use, it recommended to cool the strip in a refrigerator. Depilation by means of these strips is completely painless. Furthermore, they are not disposable. They can be used several times. It guarantees 100% results, which will continue for 3 to 4 weeks. It recommended for dry and sensitive skin.Formulas enriched with 100% ecological mint & green tea,Especially creates for dry skin.Their soothing mint scent and new in extra-soft strips material offers you an even more enjoyable waxing experience.

  • Enjoyable recommended to cool the strip in a refrigerator
  • Soothing mint scent
  • Guarantees 100% results
  • Enjoyable waxing experience
  • Especially creates for dry skin.

#8 Byly Depil Gold Body Hair Removal Strips:- Strips for depilation body Byly Depil Goldimg_7459__64996-1479204432-500-750 Hair Removal Strips,so that they are very easy to repeat the shape and curves of the body, guaranteeing 100% success. These wax strips are based on benign components that guarantee long-term feeling of comfort, even the most sensitive skin. After use, strips the skin is radiant, smooth and soft for a long time. The strips are designed based on a formula that includes in its structure particles of gold. Has an antioxidant effect strips in a body format that smoothly adapt to your skin & easily cover hair in its entirety to make sure that it is completely extracted all the way from the roots.Enriched with gold ,these are perfect to use even on the moist sensitive skin.

  • Guaranteeing 100% success
  • Use even on the moist sensitive skin.
  • Extracted all the way from the roots
  • Antioxidant effect

#9 Rivaj UK Hair No-More 24 Pro Salon Wax Strips:- Easy to use anywhere, anytime.20160525_174157__02929-1464259883-500-750 Perfect for quick touch- ups! Remove hair by the roots to delicate areas so you stay smooth and hair free for weeks.






#10 Join Beauty Wonder Wax strip Hair Removal System:-20140327_153720__14491-1397031219-500-750 

Wonder Wax-away Unwanted Hair Instantly…

  • Fre After Wax Lotion
  • For a women with harmony

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