Best shine shampoo in Pakistan

#1 Sunsilk Co-Creations Stunning Black Shine Shampoo:- New Sunsilk Black Shineimg_5795__23595-1472885402-500-750 Shampoo infused with the goodness of 5 natural oils: Argan, Jojoba, Camelia, Almond & Olive, that penetrates deep into the hair, sealing in much needed nourishment, keeping hair healthy inside and shiny outside.

For healthy hair inside and long lasting, shine outside.



#2 Freeman Papaya And Lime Shine Shampoo:- Freeman is an American beauty brandfreeman_papaya_and_lime_shine_shampoo__01280-1401451536-500-750 manufactured by pH Beauty Labs, Inc. Since 1976, this brand making mark on the beauty industry by infusing new formulas with amino acids and proteins for superior skin benefits. The product range includes sensational facial mask sachets, sophisticated anti-aging formulas and year-round pedicure essentials.

This light cleansing shampoo, with shine enhancing Lime, washes away impurities to deliver glossy brilliance. It smooths out hair follicles for high shine and a silky feel, leaving your locks looking vibrant and smelling fresh.

#3 Herbal Essences Colour Me Happy Shine Enhancing Shampoo:- Herbal Essences is atb_gallery_bestshampoo_herbal_essences_color_me_happy_shampoo__51889-1400588303-500-750 well know brand of shampoo and other hair care products. Ranging from hair conditioner, hair stylers, and hair coloring, the brand was founded in 1972. It is particularly branded as Herbal essences Shampoos. Herbal Essences products are sold worldwide. The products’ range include Herbal Essences Color Me Happy Conditioner, Herbal Essences Body Envy Volumizing Conditioner, Herbal Essences Conditioner Touchably Smooth, Herbal Essences Break’s Over Shampoo, Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Curls & Waves Conditioner and Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Shampoo 2 in 1.This formula has a fusion of Moroccan rose and passion fruit nectar. roses were used in Egypt as offerings to the goddess Isis, the matron of nature. passion fruit will win you over, too. it’s sometimes added to food simply to enhance its aroma.

  • Every move you make is so brilant
  • With a fusion of acai berries
  • For coloured hair

#4 Schwarzkopf Supersoft Colour Shine Red Berries Shampoo:- The formula with shine-20140310_193413__37738-1394547815-500-750reflex-system & UV-filter protects the hair colour from fading.

Provides extra-long lasting colour protection and intensive shine
smoothes and cares for the hair structure fo coloured hair
Radiant and long lasting colour shine



#5 Palmolive Naturals Long Shine Shampoo:- Hair falls beautifully back into place withpalmolive-shampoo-350ml-olive__49490-1477894627-500-750 Palmolive Naturals Healthy & Smooth Shampoo. With a creamy rich formula with Aloe Vera and Vitamin extracts, it surrounds and coats every strand so hair is smooth and sleek. Leaves hair with a natural manageability so it falls beautifully back into place, always. Its whiff of fragrance surrounds hair all day.

  • With extracts of 100% natural origin of aloe vera and olive
  • Helps to strengthen long hair
  • Works to keep hair smooth and conditioned
  • For Medium & Long Hair

#6 Schwarzkopf Citre Shine Fresh Fusion Hair Shampoo:-Energize dull, lifeless hair1__85159-1473324797-500-750 with this pure energy shampoo that gently cleanses and nourishes without stripping away essential oils. Leaves hair feeling restored and rejuvenated with incredible shine. Citrus Vita-Actives – Triple-action shine technology with pure citrus extracts and multi-vitamins for brilliant shine and healthy-looking hair. strengthens and nourishes.

  • For brilliant shine
  • Healthy-looking
  • Hair strengthens and nourishes

#7 Schwarzkopf Citre Shine Repair Active Shampoo:-The Schwarzkopf Repair shampoo2__27246-1473332388-500-750 provides lightweight protection and nourishment for damaged hair, working to nourish the hair without overburdening it. The inner strength of the hair is increased significantly, thanks to the reparative power of the conditioner. The hair surface is recreated Biomimetically, helping to restore each strand to its optimal level of health. Smooth onto hair sparingly and leave for the designated time, then wash out thoroughly. In the case of heavily damaged hair, use this treatment after every shampoo until healthy hair is achieved. After this, maintain an application routine of once or twice a week.

  • Hair treatment
  • Provides lightweight protection
  • Nourishment for damaged hair

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