Top damaged hair shampoo in Pakistan

#1 Oriflame Hairx Restore Therapy Shampoo For Damaged Hair:-A daily shampoo that oriflame_hairx_restore_therapy_shampoo_250_ml__03191-1413014722-500-750cleans hair without stripping it of moisture, helping make damaged hair look and feel nourished, healthy and shiny. Formulated with Argan Oil, which offers extra care for dry and brittle hair.

  • Nourish & Protect Repair system
  • Argan Oil
  • For damaged hair
  • 6 Gingerol
  • Scalp care
  • Dermatologically tested

#2 Framesi Options Extreme Care Shampoo For Damaged Hair:- FRAMESI is an extreme_care__39873-1438324003-500-750international Italian company, leading in the production of professional products for hairdressers – represented worldwide through an extensive network of trade and production companies.




#3 Oriflame Nature Secrets Shampoo For Dry And Damaged Hair Wheat Coconut:-Gently cleansing, fragrant shampoo with protecting Wheat proteins and strengtheningimg_5285__85119-1472463570-500-750 Coconut Oil which helps combat dryness and damage, and prevent breakage.

  • Gently cleansing
  • Fragrant shampoo
  • Protecting Wheat proteins
  • Strengthening Coconut Oil
  • Helps combat dryness and damage
  • Prevent breakage

#4 Loreal Paris Total Repair 5 Repairing Shampoo Damaged Hair:-Daily wear and teartotal_5__71260-1455102060-500-750 can damage the hair’s surface and weaken the fibre. Hair becomes weak, looking limp and lifeless, losing its shine and silky feel. L’Oréal Laboratories have developed a Pro-Keratine and Ceramide enriched formula that helps restore 5 visible signs of replenished hair without weighing it down. L’Oréal Paris Total Repair 5 Shampoo is specially designed to repair damaged hair, cell after cell, without weighing hair down.

Fights 5 Signs Of Damaged.

  • Hair Fall
  • Dryness
  • Roughness
  • Dullness
  • Split Ends

#5 Nutrifactor Anti Hair Loss Herbal Shampoo With Keratin For Dry Damaged Hair:- Specially designed For Dry & Damaged Hair with traditional herbs1_700px_1__68663-1451568886-500-750

Nutrifactor Anti Hair Loss is expert for removal of oils, dandruff, dirt, environmental pollutions etc.

  • Prevents hair loss
  • Regenerates the hair
  • Nourishes the hair and scalp
  • Makes the hair healthy
  • Empowers the hair

Save your hair with100% natural actives including


Provides the necessary strength and toughness
Makes upper layer of hair
Enable your hair to tolerate extreme temperatures both on the high and low side
Fills gaps and breaks in the hair shaft to make hair suppler

#6 Vatika Naturals Repair Restore Shampoo Damaged Split Hair:- Discover the true item_xl_9214499_10835809__16507-1464431281-500-750herbal recipe for intensive nourishment in Vatika nourishing shampoo.It is enriched with selected natural extracts of Egg and honey for strong, re-vitalised hair.

Hair Type: Damaged, Split Hair

Benefit: Repairs, Revitalizes & Fortifies


#7 Roushun Olives Shampoo:- roushun_olives_shampoo__80529-1465539466-500-750

  • Moisturizing And Repair
  • Damaged Hair




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