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Best hair repair shampoo in Pakistan

#1 Himalaya Herbals Protein Shampoo Repair And Regeneration:- Himalaya Herbals img_6833__36849-1477394633-500-750offer 100% natural and safe products. The great science of Ayurveda, these products sell worldwide as personal care favorite. Completely genuine Himalaya Herbal products also get huge positive consumer reviews. Himalaya Herbals are priced moderately while the extensive product range includes shampoos, cleansers, sunscreen lotion, slimming products, creams, masks and oils.Protect for hair damaged from excessive blow-drying brushing and chemical treatment. Beach almond helps repair & regenerates your hair & strengthens it to help protect from damage.

  • Dry/damaged hair
  • 2 in 1
  • Beach almond
  • Chikhpea
  • Repairs, protects from damage
  • 100% herbal actives

For external use only
Avoid contact with eyes
Dermatologically tested
Clinically proven for effectiveness

Extract of protein rich herbs provide 3 essential nourishment benefits:

Reduced hair fall
Protection from everday damage

Safe to use on artificially colored or permed hair.

#2 Dove Hair Therapy Intense Repair Shampoo Pakistan:- A well-established and dove-3590-58774-2-zoom__93955-1477116904-500-750trusted personal care brand owned by Unilever, Dove products are sold in more than 80 countries worldwide. The product range includes antiperspirants/deodorants, body washes, beauty bars, lotions/moisturizers, hair care, and facial care products.

At Dove we are dedicated to providing superior care solutions for hair experiencing dryness and damage. That is why we have developped specifically tailored ranges- Damage Solutions to repair damaged hair and Nutritive Solutions to make dry hair feel nourished. Intense Repair Shampoo is part of the Dove Damage Solutions range.

They contain Keratin Actives, which help restore proteins at the cellular level. Intense Repair strengthens the hair. Enjoy free-flowing, lustrous locks. Based on lab test Dove gives your hair all the love it needs. Experience the dove difference.

Dove Intense Repair Shampoo contains Keratin Actives that go deep within, to help rebuild damaged hair at the cellular level. It makes your hair beautifully smooth, strong and resilient to damage.

#3 Loreal Paris Fall Repair 3x Anti Hair Fall Shampoo:- Usually our hair will fall out cycle.loreal_paris_fall_repair_3x_anti_hair_fall_shampoo__79899-1428402939-500-750 50-100 per day, but the average natural hair dry and brittle, easily broken, is another important factor that makes fall more and the lack of hair comb hair with chemicals. And pollution in the environment are the main reasons that I like the scales of the hair’s natural protective barrier is broken down. And strength to the hair from root to tip. And helps cleanse impurities from the hair clean. To care for your hair and the hair look healthy in the next step. reduce the hair fall by 3. Special mission. L’Oreal Repair Fall 3X. helps protect the hair loss. It has been developed to help revive hair from root to tip over. Values of R, G New Essence to nourish the scalp with the help transport nutrients to nourish the hair roots better with three special mission to treat hair loss is the lack of one. I care deeply from the bottom two. surface to nourish the hair and tear 3. restore strength to the hair.

#4 Nivea Intense Repair Regenerating Shampoo:- Nivea is a worldwide skin and body-nivea_intense_repair_regenrating_shampoo_1__54551-1386932442-500-750care famous brand. As one of the foremost global skin care concerns they are known for giving consumers compelling and innovative products. Through more than 125 years of understanding skin care and body products, Nivea certainly stands for advanced and superior cosmetic products.Nivea Intense Repair Regenerating Shampoo is protected with intense protein ingredients. Enriched with natural oils, this fine product from Nivea smoothens the hair surface and give roots and tips valuable strength. Its also good for damaged, rough or brittle hair.

  • Regenerates deeply and smoothens hair
  • Protein & natural oils
  • Damaged, rough or brittle hair
  • Biosoft system

#5 Schwarzkopf Supersoft Repair Care Coconut Shampoo:- The formula with Shea butter20140310_193448__91644-1394549037-500-750 & coconut extract repairs and regenerates deep inside the hair.

Provides extra-long lasting colour protection and intensive shine
Smoothies and nourishes the hair structure
Strengthens the hair by intersively caring down to the tips
For visibly regenerated, supple and healthy hair full of shine



#6 Pert Plus Volumizing 2 in 1 Shampoo Conditioner:- Shampoo plus light conditioner inpert_plus_volumizing_2-in-1_shampoo_conditioner_400_ml__33704-1471263952-500-750 a formula that rinses clean, won’t build up and won’t weigh down.  To turn fine or thinning hair into full, thicker-looking, healthy hair.  Gentle enough for color treated hair.

  • Volumizing for fine or thin hair
  • Great hair should be simple
  • Not tested on animals
  • For external use only


#7 The Vitamin Company Vita Hair Shampoo For Hair Regrowth:- A natural herbal vita_hair_shampoo__37607-1465379646-500-750American-manufactured formulation that prevents hair loss and promotes re-growth. It counters the effects of hair loss due to disease, male pattern hair loss, dandruff, illness, childbirth, menopause and aging. Clinically proven to aid in the re-growth of hair and the revitalization of hair follicles.Part your hair and apply a small amount two times a day, directly onto the scalp in the area where there is thinning/loss of hair. Spread the cream evenly over the area of hair loss. Continued use is necessary to increase and keep your hair re-growing.

  • Prevents HAIR LOSS & promotes HAIR REGROWTH
  • All Natural
  • American-manufactured formulation
  • Counters the effects of hair loss due to disease

Hair Loss
Hair Thinning
Hair Whitening

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