Hair Shampoo

Top Selling Shampoos in Pakistan

#1: Saeed Ghani Gaysu Mughziat Shampoo – Gaysu Herbal Shampoo is a hair care product formulated in the long respected tradition of Saeed Ghani. Yes, it is tested and tried. Gaysu Herbal Shampoo range has been specially formulated to meet the individuals needs of different hair types. With the shampoo you get protection against the damaging influences of the environment leaving your hair clean with more shine and long lasting brilliance.

#2: Alowis Organic Aloe Vera Shampoo – The Alowis Aloe Vera Shampoo is a great natural and organic product to help cleanse and moisturize your hair and scalp. This shampoo helps make your hair shinier and may reduce hair fall.

  • 100 % Organic products
  • Reduce Hair Fall
  • Gives Hair Shine
  • Moisturize Hair & Scalp

#3: Tresemme Keratin Smooth Infusing Shampoo – want hair that’s smooth, straight and easy to style? Use the shampoo specifically formulated to leave your hair gorgeously sleek and manageable. The TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner system transforms your hair, making it gorgeously sleek with less frizz, smooth and easy to style.

#4: Gasoo Daraz 100% Herbal Shampoo – Gasoo Daraz oil is a premium hair oil, enriched with olive, coconut, henna, amla and 12 other herbs. It helps preventing dandruff and hair falling. Gasoo Daraz shampoo is designed for both men and woman, formulated with cell-u-plex, pure plant extracts vitamins, proteins and 18 natural herbs that infuse the hair shaft thicken, improving hair’s overall requirements removes dandruff efficiently.

#5: Dove Men Care Fresh Clean 2-in-1 Fortifying Shampoo Conditioner – A well-established and trusted personal care brand owned by Unilever, Dove products are sold in more than 80 countries worldwide. The product range includes antiperspirants/deodorants, body washes, beauty bars, lotions/moisturizers, hair care, and facial care products. Smokey BBQs. Muddy pitches. A hot day. Men relax their way. Fresh Clean helps hair recover from all that action. It has menthol to refresh while it washes away dirt and grease. Your hair will be ready for more chilling out.

More Top Selling Shampoos in Pakistan


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