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The Truth About Juicing And Your Health


Juicing is a method of extracting juice from plant tissues like organic vegetables and fruits. There are many techniques of juicing. Fruit Juicing is the most popular technique used by people and is usually done with an appliance referred as a “juicer”.

Health Benefits of Juicing:

Fruit juicing is a very good approach if you are not interested in eating whole fruits and vegetables in a preferable portion. It can be a part of your healthy diet and can help you in meeting daily requirement of nutrients in just a single drink. Liquid food can digest more easily and requires less energy. It gives rest to your digestive system by less working on solids because it is easier for your body to absorb nutrients than fibers. It improves your digestion and immune system, eliminate toxins, reduce risk of cancer and help in losing weight. Juicers are expensive especially those which remove seeds and skin. You can also use blenders instead of juicers.


To live on juices alone is not a good approach. According to many nutritionists, it is not as healthy as eating whole vegetables and fruits. Juices contain minerals, vitamins and other chemicals but we also lose healthy fiber during this process. Vegetable juicing is healthier than fruit juicing. Solid food needs many hours for digestion before it nourishes the tissues and cells of our body. By extracted juices from vegetables we can nourish our body with all nutrients we need. We destroy some essential minerals by cooking vegetables. You should make as much quantity of fresh juice which you can drink immediately because harmful bacteria can develop quickly in it. When juicing, do not throw the pulp and try to keep some portion of it in your juice. If you are buying from a shop then buy pasteurized juices.

4 Green Juicing Recipes for Weight Loss and Detox:

Juicing fresh vegetables or green juicing helps our body to absorb antioxidants and vitamins more easily. They are excellent for weight loss and detoxification. Drink with empty stomach for best results.

• Mix beet, cucumber and carrot juice. Carrot juice is the king of all juices.

• Make juice of carrot, celery, spinach, parsley, and 1 lemon.

• Juice of 5 carrots, half apple, 1 clove ginger, 4 large lettuce leaves and half bunch of spinach.

• Grind some mint leaves, spinach and lettuce. This is ideal for fat reduction.

3 Low Calorie and Highly Nutrient Juice Recipes for Weight Loss:

Here they are!

• Mix grape fruit juice with orange juice; they are very refreshing and wonderful cleansers of body.

• Mix 1 cup fresh orange juice with half cup of strawberries.

• Take a half lemon, 2 peaches, 1 apple and extract juice from them.

• Some fresh pineapple slices, handful of parsley, half a cucumber, 1 medium carrot and few drops of lemon. Juice and serve with ice.

Important Note: The articles presented are provided by third party authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of Saloni™ Health and Beauty Supply. They should not be construed as medical advice or diagnosis. Consult with your physician prior to following any suggestions provided.

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