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Benefits of Papaya Fruit for Health, Skin and Hair

Papaya is one of amazing fruit that has many health benefits. This fruit is not only packed with nutrients values but also it has deep impact when using on face and hair. Read this article to get information about papaya.

Papaya is a wonderful fruit with many health benefits. Papaya, which is also known as “Fruit of the Angels”, contains an enzyme called papain that is helpful in digesting proteins. Besides papain, it also contains Vitamin B and C and minerals like potassium. It also helps to remove dead skin cells. It is not only a good fruit to eat but also have healthier impact on hair and face. The papaya leaves are also good treatment for dengue patients. The boiled papaya leaves water is very useful for enhancing white blood cells.

Impact on Health

It is very useful in maintaining the levels of cholesterol and sugar. Any person suffering from heart diseases or diabetes, if consumes papaya on regular basis then it would leave a healthy impact. Similarly, every person should eat it with regular intervals as it would have a positive impact on skin, hair and blood cells.

Impact on Skin

Regular use of papaya pulp on face lightens the complexion of skin making it to glow. Applying papaya peel on arms and legs helps in whitening them. Mashed papaya is also very helpful in treatment of cracked heels. The pimples can also be removed with regular use of papaya and applying it for half an hour can remove acne on the face. Last but not least, it also reduces signs of aging on the face.

Impact on Hair

Papaya helps in strengthening hair and boosting its growth thus preventing balding. It is also beneficial in reducing dandruff. If it is eaten on daily basis and its mask is applied on hair then it helps hair to get thick, stronger and shiny. Similarly using papaya leaf as conditioner helps to add shine in the hair.

Papaya Face Mask

It is very simple and easy to make papaya face mask at home. Just blend one cup of unripe papaya (diced), one teaspoon of Vitamin E (which is easily available from a drug store), one teaspoon of plain yogurt and one teaspoon of honey. Apply this mixture on your face and leave it for around 20 minutes and then rinse it with cool water. Your skin would become fresh and glow.

Papaya Hair Mask

Blend one cup of ripe-papaya, one cup banana (both diced), one cup yogurt, one tablespoon of molasses and one table spoon of coconut oil. Remember there should be no chunks so that it can be applied easily on hair. Apply on hair and leave it for more than one hour. More duration application gives good or even better results. Do cover your hair with plastic cap and towel thus allowing generating heat. Then wash your hair with fresh water and here you go with super soft hair.

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