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Sunglasses Fashion and Protection

Another summer season approaches; the issue of sunglasses once again resurfaces. Sunglasses are used for the protection of eyes from sharp rays of sun. They protect our eyes from dust, flash sunlight and the ultra violet radiation present in flash light. Sunglasses shades our eyes from sharp sunlight, hot wind, dust in the air and protect them from drying out in hot summer.

Nowadays, sunglasses have become very popular fashion everywhere because people love fashion and like fashion of any product. So, sunglasses play a very important role in fashion as well as in protection.

Sunglasses are big business nowadays. Almost every superstore has a rack of sunglasses on display. Sunglasses not only protect your eyes from strong sunlight, they are a great fashion accessory too. Every time you open a newspaper or magazine someone is wearing sunglasses. Sunglasses have become a vital part of almost everyone’s wardrobe now and they are certainly an item for the image conscious celebrities. Some people are so taken with their sunglasses that it’s not unusual to hear someone say I wear my sunglasses at night. Yes people use their sunglasses at all different times of the day and in different places. No wonder sunglasses are becoming so popular we see them everywhere. Now people wear sunglasses wherever they go and no matter the weather. Many young people will wear sunglasses at night just to look cool –sun or no sun; it’s become fashionable to wear glasses.

No need to bother about the style and protection while choosing the sunglasses. Now a day’s sunglass that can give maximum protection from UVA and UVB rays. Sunglasses are available in various stylish designs and colors. So you can select the best color that is suitable for you from the variety of collection.

Your skin color and face shape are two important factors to consider apart from protection. Depending upon your feature you can select the best one. Generally black or gravy is suitable for all type of skin colors.

Choose light and durable with scratch resistance glasses is a right choice. Fashion change every year. So no need to bother about that. It is always good to choose high protective and glasses that matches with your features.

Sunglasses come in all kinds of material, color and styles. You don’t have to buy the most expensive sunglasses for the best protection. Just make sure that they have the UV rating sticker that shows the necessary measure of safety.

The following points may be considered before choosing a sunglass:

• The sunglass should block about 90% of ultra violet rays.
The glass should have zero number: it should not have plus or minus number. While viewing through such glasses the size of the object viewed should not change.
• In case the sunglasses are Photo chromatic in nature (the color tone of the glass will change in different intensities of light), you need to make sure it works. For testing this quality it is advisable to see through the glasses in a partially dark environment in which the objects should be visible.


Onassis Glasses
Onassis eye wear are very large sunglasses worn by women.

Mirror Shades
Mirror tinted lenses are sunglasses with a mirrored outside layer on the face. The two most fashionable styles for these are double lenses set in metal frames, and Wraparound eye wear are also fairly popular in the world of great sports.

Aviator Sunglasses
Aviators are sunglasses with an outsized droplet shaped lens and thin metal frames.
Some popular brands of sunglasses include Christian Dior, Fossil, Gucci, Kenneth Cole, Oakley, Prada and Ray-Ban.

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