Hair Styles

Style Your Hair

Looking beautiful is a basic desire of every girl and we all adopt the latest fashion for a dressy look. For a stylish appearance; dress, jewelry, shoes and hair are most related items. When it comes to hair, it’s not necessary to visit a hair salon for a style. We can give a smart look to our hair at home as well by using hair accessories. If, we go through the history, we find that from the early age females/girls are quite concerned about their hair look. Early Romans used to wear crowns made of olive leaves. Similarly, these days a wide variety of hair accessories are available easily in the market for day to day use and for special occasions. Hair accessories give a trendy look to hair and change the look of a person as well.

These day’s hair accessories made by crystals, beads, stones and metal are in fashion. Here are some easy hair styles that you can make easily with hair accessories.


One of the most popular forms of hair accessories are headbands. They are back with new styles, material and colors. Your hair is long or short; headbands are perfectly versatile and bring a flawless look on the face. The headbands pull the hair back and brightening up features. Down your hair and apply headband on your hair can also give an attractive look to your personality. In the market, you can find a variety of theirs like the rose headband, crystal headway, twist headband, leather, stain and bow headbands.

Hair Claws

Hair claws are also known as a hair catcher. Hair claws come in small, medium and in large size. You can select them according to your requirement. Hair, claws help you to grip your half or full hair, even you can wear them after rolling your hair in a bubble shape. They are available in metal and plastic most probably, decorative with stones and glitter.

To apply hair claw on your hair, grab hair in a ponytail on back of your head and divide hair in two. Twist divided hair on each other like a rope. Now rise up this hair rope on top of your head and catch both two parts of hair with hair claws, one in left and other in right side.

Hair Clips

There is a wide variety and shapes of hair clips that are available in the market. Hair clips usually decorate with silk flowers and beads, which look very attractive. Clips are able to secure a higher volume of hair. Hair clips can wear at home and in a party as well to maintain a hair style.

For long hair, divide hair in two parts. On one side of your forehead separate some hair for twist and go down to your head. Hold more hair and add them in first section, twist hair together. In this way twist until all hair of one side is coiled. Do same with the hair of other side. At the finish point give more twist and join both sides of twisted hair in a clip.

Bobby Pins

Bobby pins are an old hair accessory that is in use of kids and young girls from a long time. In past they were available only in a few colors and tone, by the time ornate and jeweled are set on them for a glamorous look. You can use the decorative bobby pin to pull back your hair from left and right side.

Booby pins also help to make waves in your front side. Wet and twirl hair split in your finger and secure your scalp with bobby pins. Dry split, remove pins and gently tousle with fingers and spray the waves.

Hair Comb

Your hair is heavy, thin, straight or curly; apply hair combs in hair for a new look in everyday routine. Hair combs looks gorgeous in a twist and in a bun. Twist your hair up and place the comb so it holds the twist, and you are ready to go.

For short hair, split a small section of your hair, twist it once (or without twist) and insert hair comb in hair. You can insert hair comb in this way right, left or top on head. Small or big hair comb gives your hair in fact stylish look.

Above are some of basic hair styles with accessories which you can make easily. You can also add variation in these styles for a fashionable look. It’s all up to you. Remember select such hair accessories, which are not only stylish, but also comfortable for your hair.

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