How to Select Makeup Foundation


There are different types of makeup foundations accessible in numerous tints, shades, coverage and compositions. All makeup foundations lie among three main categories: liquid, cream and powder foundation. The opposite varieties are simply variants of these three basic sorts.

Liquid Foundation

Liquid foundations are light-weight and also the best to use on the face. They mix well whereas capturing wet within the skin. These are accessible in an exceedingly range of shades together with oil based and water based formulas to suit completely different wants. Liquid foundations are accessible as thick liquid packed in bottles.


Skin type most suitable: Liquid foundations suit the majority skin types.
For dry and wrinkled skin: Ladies with terribly dry or wrinkled skin ought to select an oil based mostly liquid foundation.
For oily skin: Ladies with an oily skin ought to avoid the oil based ones; they must rather pick up water based liquid foundation or an oil-free liquid foundation. Water based foundations contain semi conducting material oil that not only permits a simple and excellent application however, additionally adds shine to the face.
For traditional / combination skin: Ladies with a normal skin have to select a water based mostly liquid foundation.

Cream Foundation

Cream foundations contain oil and are thick and creamy. These are accessible in stick, compact also as in tube forms. Because of its thick texture, cream foundations provide heavier coverage and additional wet to the skin than the other foundation.

Skin kind most suited: Cream foundations are appropriate for ladies with traditional and dry skin. However, it is well good for ladies with uneven pigmentation, or those require a heavier coverage.

Cake or Stick Foundation

Cake or stick foundations are accessible in solid forms. These tend to dry quickly and supply a matte end to the face. Cake or stick foundations will be used as a substitute as they effectively masks the skin flaws and blemishes. These are additional appropriate for image shoots, stage and drama as they are quite significant for daily usage.

Skin kind most suited: Ladies with dry and traditional skin ought to stay away from these foundations as it may leave your skin appear dry as well as blotchy.
For oily skin: Cake or stick foundations work most excellent on an oily skin as they dry up soon making the skin appear uniform.

Powder Foundation

Powder foundations are available in loose powder type also as pressed powder type. These are very dry with no wet. Powder foundation works best for people who do not typically apply makeup. It is easier to use and provides a natural look. Powder foundations are used to fix the makeup.

Waterproof Foundation

Waterproof foundations are very most well-liked makeup foundations to be used in very hot, rainy and wet seasons. In hot and wet weather, one tends to sweat a lot of that causes different foundations to come off simply and quickly. These are waterproof, accessible in liquid and cream forms, simple to use and leave your skin fresh.


Skin kind most suited: It will be used by all skin varieties.

Mineral Foundation

Mineral foundations are products of finely ground minerals from the world. These are natural product and safe for all skin varieties.

Skin kind most suited: The medical properties of mineral foundation create it an ideal selection for those with a sensitive skin.

Choosing the Proper Foundation Color

• The best method decides the proper color of foundation for your skin tone is small daring one. You wish to be brave enough to travel searching with no foundation on however, armed with a compact mirror. There in the search you can simply seek totally different bases on your face. And so choose the most appropriate foundation color for your skin.

• When selecting the proper color forever remembers that an ideal foundation ought to be similar to your skin tone.

• Thus go into for a yellow-based foundation and avoid foundations that aspect pink, peach and orange tones.

• While selecting the proper tone of foundation check it in natural lighting.

• Apply some quantity to your neck and so swipe a little of the foundation onto your jaw line, mixing it gently into your skin.

• It ought to match along with your skin tone and will fully disappear.

• You can mix a little quantity of foundation onto your cheek, near your jaw line and so exit into the daylight.

• If you barely see any foundation applied on your face, then it means that it is the proper color for you. It merely means the color of foundation ought to match and mix right in along with your actual complexion.

• You may also purchase two colors of foundations and mix them along to get the required color.

• After you discover the proper color base the most effective choice is to shop for the ‘translucent powder’, that is slightly pale.

• Make sure that you just steer clear of any base that appears slightly pink or orange.

• If you have a really dark skin tone, then you ought to either have yellow or red undertones.

• Very usually the central panel of your face is lighter as compared to the outer a part of your face. So you ought to try and get a base that is a shade between the two tones so you maintain a balance.

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