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Get Rid Of Black Elbow, Knees and Underarms

It is very embarrassing to have black knees, elbows and underarms. It can happen to any person whether his/her complexion is fair or dark. This is often due to the accumulation of dead and thick skin that causes the skin to turn black. Too much sun exposure can also cause darkness in the skin. Too much dryness can also turn them black because oil glands are not present in these areas. You can easily get rid of them by following these home remedies.

1) Lemon:

Rub lime or lemon or lemon juice on the black areas of knees, elbows and underarms. Leave for 15-20 minutes. Soak a towel in a hot water and rub it on the affected areas.

2) Baking Soda:

Mix one tbsp. of baking soda in some milk. Apply this paste on knees, elbows and underarms and rub it in circular motion. Repeat this remedy after every one or two day and you will surely notice some change in the colour.

3) Milk, Honey and Turmeric:

Mix some turmeric with milk and honey. Apply this smooth paste on dark areas and leave for 20 minutes. Rub it for 2 minutes with wet hands and then wash it off. Turmeric acts as antiseptic, honey as moisturizer and milk as bleach.

4) Fruits:

Lemon, tomato, grapes are fruits having bleaching property and they are very helpful to get rid of dark skin when used properly. You can apply the juice of any bleaching fruit regularly or apply different fruits on different days.

5) Yoghurt and Vinegar:

Make a mixture of yoghurt and vinegar. Apply it on affected areas and allow it to dry. Then rub the area in circular motion for 2-3 minutes and wash. These two ingredients moisturize and cleanse the skin and when use together, they reduce the black colour of the skin.

6) Hydrogen Peroxide:

Dip a cotton ball in hydrogen peroxide (around 3.5%) and apply it on dark areas. Repeat it two times a day. It has an excellent bleaching property and cure discoloration.

7) Potato:

Potato has a natural bleaching agent. Scrub the dark areas with a thin slice of potato or make juice out of potato and apply on those areas. Rinse with lukewarm water after drying.

8) Sugar Scrub:

Add olive oil and sugar together until you reach a slushy consistency. Scrub the darkened areas with this mixture. This will remove your dead skin, soften the areas and remove the dirt if present.

9) Olive Oil, Turmeric and Sugar:

Mix ½ teaspoon turmeric in 1 tablespoon olive oil and 1 tablespoon sugar. Apply this paste on darkened areas for 20 minutes and rinse off.

10) Coconut Oil:

A combination of lime juice and coconut oil works best for getting rid of dark and patchy areas of skin. Mix 1 tablespoon of coconut oil and 1 tablespoon of lime juice, apply it on dark areas and scrub with a towel soaked in hot water.


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  1. at the momment he/she just using only olive oli with sugar or should she/he starte mix it with tumeric, to get a better benefit of it ??

    What would you say ??


  2. Hi tt, Natural homemade remedies will take time to show better results. Olive Oil, Turmeric and Sugar this paste is great for dark skin. Sugar will exfoliate and the olive oil will moisturize the skin. If you repeat this remedy for two weeks regularly, you will notice great changes on your skin.


  3. I’ve tried all this trust me
    My problems is I cant stick to a routine and it only goes half way
    I need a fast simple way to get it done
    Some thing I can do on a basis but I need details
    How long will it take till it’s compelety gone
    How many times in a day in a week in a month what’s its estimate
    Once it’s gone what routine to follow to keep it gone
    Are there any products we can use on a daily basis I stead a scrub a lotion a wash (under 2000rs if u don’t mind )
    Can u mix the ingredients to products like lotions or scrubs to save time and money
    Please oh God please reply and please oh please God have a solution I plead u
    Thank u if ur reading this and ur about to answer some of my worries


  4. Hi nice tips can you tell me how to apply tv paint stick ob dry skin i have dry skin when ever i used tv paint stick it makes pitches and dryness around my nose and chin even i used wet sponge so can you tell me the method to use paint stick on dry skin thanks.


  5. I found that the combination of coconut oil and baking soda paste worked wonders. The combination definitely lightened my underarms but not as much as I would have thought. I saw one comment that suggested massaging the dark area with a pumice stone to remove dark skin. My underarms were to delicate to try. What worked for me was Clinique clarifying lotion on a textured cotton pad. It loosened all of the dead skin cells that were causing the darkness. I knew it was working when the cotton pad turned almost black. Yes it looked disgusting, but better on the cotton pad than under my arms. I hope that this helps someone that may be discouraged😊.


      1. Hi Ivory, Koee Extreme Lightening Skin Serum.http://www.saloni.pk/koee-extreme-lightening-skin-serum/
        KOEE Extreme Lightening Skin Serum is lightweight and can be used all-over. Eliminates the look of discoloration using natural fruit extracts. This unique gentle blend can be used daily. It instantly hydrates and gradually fades unwanted dark areas and events to blend a beautiful skin tone. Use over entire body; face, under eyes, ears, neck, hands (knuckles), arms, elbows, legs, and feet. Can also be used to firm and reduce under eye circles, allowing a fresh and well rested face.

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        Natural Fruit Extracts
        Eliminates Dark Spots
        Reduce under eye circle


    1. Hi, homemade natural remedy takes time to show positive results but they can effectively treat the problem. Just have patience and apply remedy atleast thrice a week.


  6. I have caramel brown skin and from having to wear deodorant since I was 6 yrs. old, over active sweat glands (I sweat under my arms even when it cold), sensitive skin so I would get cyst from shaving & ingrown hairs. So from that my underarms are very dark and I hate wearing tanks, sleeveless tops, dresses or even taking photos b/c it’s un-sitely unattractive. I would like to try one of these DIY Home Remedies before spending money on expensive lotions and serums.

    I would like to know the following:
    1. Which is the best remedy to use for African American or darker skin tones?
    2.Can I make larger amounts and if so how do I store it.
    3. How many times a day or in a week should I use it?
    4. When should I start seeing results? 5. Are the results permanent?
    6. Is there a follow up procedure needed to be done to keep the results?
    7. Can one use more than one remedy at a time during the week?
    8. Can all the ingredients be mixed together to make one miracle product? (E.g. mixing the baking soda, tumeric, lemon juice, honey, etc…)
    (Sugar scrub with olive and coconut oils, lemon & tumeric ) Has anyone tried that.
    9. Has anyone heard of the rice flour, ACV and lemon remedy?
    After my questions are answered I will created a blog post and record my results and mention where I found the Info from in hopes to help others.

    I hope you can help by answering these questions as I feel it will also answers the questions other may have.


  7. Nikki V
    The poor young lady who wrote all these remedies is not a doctor, so your questions about your armpits must have puzzled her a lot.
    My twin brother has the same problem with his arms,he sweats too much ,but not me. There’s nothing you can do to stop sweating.Eat homemade food so your sweat will not smell so much.Don’t mix the rememdies up, do one at a time.Also I would say that really these remedies are for slightly harder skin, your skin under your armpits is very sensitive.I only shave.


  8. I have a caramel complexion and to achieve soft, smooth, clear, bright and glowing skin all over, I have used a homemade DIY sugar scrub with lemon juice or lemon essential oil, extra virgin olive oil and/or coconut oil for exfoliating and moisturizing the entire body including my armpits and bikini area. It also smells really good if you like the smell of coconut. I take care not to scrub too hard in delicate areas such as armpits and the bikini area. This helps to clear ingrown hairs and razor bumps from shaving and dry and darkened skin as well. Be sure to clean your skin prior to using rhe scrub. After using the scrub, rinse and wipe the skin with a warm or hot as you can stand washcloth to remove the scrub, dead skin cells, and dirt and to not reblock the pores. You might even let a hot washcloth sit on the areas of concern before scrubbing to open pores and soften the skin prior to using the scrub, for even better results. I notice immediate results each time l use this method. I do this in the shower every 2-3 days. I make a jar of the mixture to last for a week or two depending on how often l use it. If using lemon juice l would store it in the fridge to keep it fresher longer unless it will be used within a couple of days or so. When l use lemon essential oil l keep it handy in the shower. Also, l use Dove Sensitive Skin soap and/or bodywash to cleanse with and Dove deodorant. They are both very gentle on the skin and have moisturizers. I hope this helps someone. 🙂


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