10 Ten Uses of Vaseline

Mostly people keep Vaseline on their dressing table or in drawer to cure crack heals, chapped lips and moist hands and feet in winter season. Does Vaseline have only these uses? Mostly will say yes because commonly people use this product for this purpose. But, Vaseline has too many uses beyond our imagination.

Vaseline is one of the most versatile products in the world. A very less costly item but can be used in a variety of ways. Here is useful information about multiple uses of Vaseline in beauty routine.

1- Bright up Smile

You can brighten up your smile with use of Vaseline. Take a small amount on your finger and rub Vaseline on your teeth and gums to make your teeth glisten. You may notice a gleaming smile of models on TV, that’s a magic of Vaseline.

2- Lip Gloss

A simplest lip gloss which you have all time is Vaseline. When ever your lips get dry, apply Vaseline on lips to give a soft touch, it also helps to moisturize lips.

3- Hair Styling

Are you facing difficulty to style your dry hair? Forget the tension and pick up Vaseline to apply on your hair with your fingers. Vaseline will make your hair looking healthy and shiny; also hold hair and set on one place.

4- Set Eyebrows

Did you listen ever; Vaseline is used to set eyebrows on one place? Take a brush or dab a very small amount of Vaseline onto finger tip and apply on eyebrows.

5- Eye Makeup Remover

Get the help of Vaseline to remove your eye makeup in an easy way instead to use any remover. Put a small amount on cotton pad or a cloth and gently rub eye make up.

6- For Long Eyelashes

Vaseline is also considered good for the growth of eyelashes. Simply apply a coat of Vaseline on your lashes with mascara brush and leave it over night for a best result.

7- Beautiful Feet

For beautiful feet, before bed wash feet and use Vaseline on your feet and wear soaks. For a quick result, apply it right after you take bath.

8- Body Scrub

One of the most effective uses of this product is to removing deed cells from your skin. For this purpose mix Vaseline in sea salt and scrub body before shower then simply rinse off. You can also use Vaseline on your body after taking bath; it makes body soft without any grease.

9- Elbow Care

Treat your black and rough elbows with Vaseline. Message daily make them soft.

10- Prevent Infant’s from Rash

This is also a good product for infants. Apply Vaseline before placing a diaper to prevent rash. It soothes the child for a sound sleep.

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Important Note: The articles presented are provided by third party authors and do not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of They should not be construed as medical advice or diagnosis. Consult with your physician prior to following any suggestions provided.


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  1. I have problem of eczema I used many natural and medical treatments but never got a good result. Now I’m using vasline with liquid paraffin and its amazing cure of eczema but I use it twice daily to get rid of eczema permanently. Take 1 jar of vasline and add 1/4 part of white liquid paraffin mix well with plastic spoon and rub it twice daily on the effected area. It will moisturise ur skin and eczema will disappear


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