10 Simple Remedies For Treating Dry Skin Acne

When we think of acne, we automatically think of oily skin but there are many people who have dry skin and still suffer from break outs. People who have dry skin and acne are not rare; you would be surprised at just how many of them are out there. It is quite challenging to treat dry skin acne. As you may have noticed, a majority of the products for treating acne are meant for people with oily skin and using them will only make your skin even more dry and irritated. So here is a solution.

Best Tips for Dry Skin Acne Treatment:

Here are the best remedies that you can use to treat acne while still taking care of your dry skin:

1. Use lotions and creams to treat acne

Although most acne treatments are drying, there are those that are less drying than others such as ointments, lotions and creams. You will most probably prefer the way your skin feels after using them. Always make sure that no matter what type of treatment you use, you do NOT use more than what the directions for use say. Contrary to what you think, it will not have a better effect on your skin or get rid of your acne problem sooner.

2. Moisturize regularly:

Yes, you need to moisturize your skin daily to keep it from drying. How do you prevent an acne breakout and still moisturize? Simple! All you need to do is be careful of the type of moisturizer you use. You can use those that are for sensitive skin as they are light and still effective. You may be tempted to use moisturizers that are meant for acne-prone skin but that would be a huge mistake as they are extremely drying.

3. Choose your cleanser well:

Cleansers are another product that needs careful consideration. Like moisturizers and other products for acne treatment, they can be extremely drying. Non-foaming cleansers are a great option as they are less drying than cleansers that foam. Remember that if you are using a topical medicated ointment, cream or lotion for acne, use a non-medicated cleanser. If you are planning on using a medicated one, you better consult your skin specialist first!

4. Do not overwash:

Over washing your skin strips it off the natural oils and moisture that it has. If you are using a cleanser, wash your face just once a day with it. In the evenings, after you have removed your make-up, a few splashes of water should be enough to get the dirt off your skin. This way, you keep your skin clean and do not make it any drier than it already is.

5. Always protect your skin from the elements:

Are you planning to take a walk on a windy, cold day? Do not forget to protect your skin against the wind. Hats and scarfs are a must on those cold days as your skin can get depleted of the moisture it already has. And do not think it is safe to walk without protection on a sunny day. You will still need nonacnegenic or noncomedogenic sunscreen to protect your skin.

6. Tomato Pulp:

Studies have established that the acidity in tomatoes helps the skin dry up acne. This vegetable also is rich in Vitamin A, C and K that is known to be found in most over the counter acne lotions and creams. Slice open a tomato, and liberally scrub it on your face. Alternatively, you can also mash up the tomato and apply it as a face pack and repeat for a few weeks till you see the difference.

7. Potato:

Vitamin C in potatoes help in boosting the production of collagen and also prevents as well as heals damage caused from the harmful rays of the sun. Vitamin B in potatoes help in skill regeneration and the niacin in this root vegetable helps in lightening the skin.

8. Lemon Juice:

Who does not know the effects of this wonder fruit on the skin? Lemon is highly acidic and dries up acne on the spot. Squeeze lemon juice on to cotton balls and apply on problem areas, this will help clear your skin.

9. Garlic:

Garlic has been long associated with skin treatment. Easy to procure and store, there is no better alternative to garlic. Garlic contains sulphur, zinc calcium, and allicin all known to possess anti fungal and antibiotic properties. Crush garlic, and cloves with some water and apply the paste on your face. Wash after a few hours.

10. Cucumber:

This vegetable acts as a coolant to the skin and alleviates skin irritation and other symptoms. Grind and apply as a paste to moisturize your skin and remove excessive oil. Stay cool as a cucumber!

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